Sexual Healing session


Sexual Healing session


Sexual healing sessions are particularly beneficial for those women who have experienced:

  • abuse

  • violation

  • have been exposed to a kind of innapropiate form of sexuality

  • have been shamed sexually

  • carry any trauma from their mother line o generational trauma

  • feel their trauma is beyond this lifetime

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Sexual trauma results in a lack of connection to ourselves, the others and the world that surrounds us. It also makes our choices limited, restricting our freedom. Sessions are an hour each. Sessions have a better result when taken in a series of three, although you can also choose how you would like us to work together. 

Sessions are a combination of:

  • energy work
  • light language
  • channelled information
  • relaxation
  • TRE (trauma releasing exercises)

Sessions are tailored to your needs, so our first session includes getting to know each other so I can understand what you needs are and what would benefit you the most. 

What to expect from a session?

  • emotional freedom
  • visions from the past to let go 
  • sense of relief 
  • more pleasure in your life 
  • increase in self-love 
  • ability to open to new or old relationships 
  • healthier boundaries