Welcome to my personal sacred space

Bienvenida a mi espacio sagrado personal


Hi, my name es Belinda

Over fourteen years ago I started looking for answers into why I felt the way I did. When I came into self-development I was depressed and I was living day in and day out without much self-enquiry but a great deal of physical pain. I then stumble onto menstrual awareness and that was a great catalyst for a long journey into women´s mysteries.

I´ve read all the books you can imagine and spent thousands of pounds in courses. I studied from cycle awareness, to different kinds of body work, energy work as well as Tao and Tantra. However, over a year ago, I attended yet again another Tantra workshop and it was then that I realised I needed to stop.

I was sexually abused as a child and so my story created a negative conditioning about myself, my body and who I was as a woman. Not only did I believe all of it to be true, but I also lived my life according to my own conditioning.

I finally opened my eyes, as when we come from a story that has created a negative wiring in our brain, we can easily get trapped in a never ending search in the world of self-help. Most importantly, we become vulnerable to teachers and teachings, who consciously or unconsciously reinforce the idea that something is indeed wrong with us.

I also realised that most of us are seeking from the mind and not from the heart. The downside of taking that route, is that we will never feel complete, we will never believe to be who we are meant to be, and we will never be FREE.

Now I know there was and still is nothing wrong with me, that I'm not broken nor I need fixing. All I ever needed was to surrender to my own inner knowing and remember who I truly am.

So after a long journey of self-inquiry, I feel passionate about guiding women into a deep exploration of their true womanhood. An exploration that comes from the HEART and not the mind, with a deep understanding that all you need is to surrender to yourself, to LOVE and to your own mission in life.  

My mission is to guide conscious women who are ready to take their next step of their transformation and come back home, back to their body, back to their True Self, back to the FREEDOM of being WOMAN.

Over the past nine years, I have actively inspired hundreds of women to live a more fulfilling life, a life free of guilt and shame for living in a feminine body.

Let me be your guide back home.

With deep love,

Belinda x

Hola, mi nombre es Belinda

Hace más de catorce años que comencé a buscar respuestas a porqué me sentía de la forma en la que me sentía. Cuando llegué al camino del desarrollo personal estaba deprimida y vivía día a día sin mucho cuestionamiento pero si con mucho dolor físico. Después descubrí la menstruación consciente y eso fue un gran catalizador a un largo camino en los misterios femeninos.  

He leído todos los libros que te puedas imaginar y he gastado mucho dinero en cursos. Estudié menstruación consciente, diferentes modalidades de terapias corporales, trabajo energético, así como Taoismo y Tantra. Sin embargo, hace un año fui a otro curso más de Tantra y fue ahí que me di cuenta que tenía que parar.

Fui abusada sexualmente de niña por lo que mi historia creo un condicionamiento negativo de mi misma, mi cuerpo y quién era como mujer. No solo creí que todo esto era verdad sino que viví mi vida de acuerdo a este condicionamiento mental.

Finalmente abrí los ojos, ya que cuando venimos de una historia que nos ha creado un cableado negativo en el cerebro, es muy fácil quedar atrapadas en una interminable búsqueda en el mundo de la auto-ayuda. Lo más importante es que nos convertimos en seres vulnerables a maestros y enseñanzas que consciente o inconscientemente refuerzan la idea de que algo está mal en nosotras.

También me di cuanta que la mayoría de nosotras busca desde la mente y no desde el corazón. Lo malo de tomar esta ruta, es que nunca nos sentiremos completas, nunca creeremos ser quién debemos ser y sobretodo nunca seremos LIBRES.

Ahora ya se que no hay nada malo en mi y que nunca lo ha habido, que no estoy rota y no necesito arreglarme nada. Todo lo que he necesitado ha sido rendirme a mi sabiduría interna y reconocer quién soy verdaderamente.

Después de una larga búsqueda interna, mi pasión es guiar mujeres en una profunda exploración personal de su propia feminidad. Una exploración que viene desde el CORAZÓN y no desde la mente, con el gran entendimiento de que todo lo que necesitas es rendirte a ti misma, al AMOR y a tu propia misión de vida.

Mi misión es guiar mujeres conscientes que están listas para tomar el siguiente paso en su transformación y regresar a casa, regresar a su propio cuerpo, a su verdadero Ser, a la LIBERTAD de ser Mujer.

En los últimos nueve años he inspirando activamente cientos de mujeres a vivir una vida más plena, una vida libre de culpa y vergüenza por vivir en un cuerpo femenino.  

Déjame ser tu guía de regreso a casa.

Con mucho amor,  

Belinda x

Belinda and I have become really good friends during the time we have walked together. I see and feel in Belinda a brave woman who has not conformed to life by accepting what society tells us what it is to be a woman. Belinda has kept investigating within herself what it is to be a woman to her.
She is a brave woman as not many will risk to go deep within and recognise who they are, which ultimately has lead her to find freedom of being, always moving forward to be able to find herself even more everyday. Belinda is a strong woman, but with a lot of softness in her, as well as a lot of love, a woman who shares what she has been finding within herself with the rest of us.
— Lilly Wong
Belinda is widely experienced and knowledgeable in the field of women’s energy work. She brings her love and enthusiasm to her workshops and prsenetations, but most importantly she is a soul who desires to help women and who cares deeply. Belinda walks a goddess inspired path and has many wonderful skills and talents which she so generously shares with others. She is a gift.
— Miranda Gray